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  1. Starý Vrch is a family owned business, not a commercial tourist trap.
  2. Martin Škodák, the owner, welcomes everyone individually and is a personal fan of Czech folklore.
  3. All of our staff are warm, welcoming and easily approachable – and have been for over 25 years.
  4. Customer Satisfaction is our main priority; we always do our best to cater to their wishes and needs.
  5. The most important goal for us is to provide a top-level service for our guests.
  6. Our musicians are highly educated professionals of Bohemian and Moravian folklore and heritage.
  7. Traditional folk costumes and showcase of traditional dances from all parts of the Czech Republic.
  8. Have fun learning traditional Czech dancing with our professional dancers.
  9. Our musicians can play famous melodies from around the world on request.
  10. We value customer privacy and have a welcoming environment for families.
  11. A large enclosed yard with comfortable seating.
  12. Classic Countryside environment only 4 km from Václav Havel Airport Prague.
  13. Traditional Czech architecture from 1700s – only 20 minutes from Prague city centre.
  14. We have the original Budweiser – Budvar beer from ČeskéBudějovice.
  15. We offer a traditional plum spirit called Bohemia Drink Honey (R. Jelínek – Vizovice) and local high quality wines.
  16. Fresh and Tasty Czech meals.
  17. CD with our folklore music available to purchase.
  18. Retro-looking postcards with the stamp of Starý Vrch available too.
  19. Exclusive experience of traditional Czech entertainment.
  20. Parking space for buses.